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Self-Inking Stamps

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October Sale

All Self-Inking Stamps on sale while supplies last! Available on our website and Etsy shop.

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Self-Inking Stamps



Embosser and Stamp Products on Our New Etsy Shop

Check out our new Etsy shop, featuring modern and classic embosser and stamp designs.

Embossers and stamps are an easy way to add that personalized touch to paper products.  Our new designs also make perfect gifts for weddings, bridal showers, housewarmings, teachers, clients, birthdays, baby showers, and more!

Many of the new designs are not yet shown on our main Wilshire Graphic Press website, however they will be available soon.  If you prefer to place an order through the WGPress site rather than Etsy, you’re welcome to make a special request for any of our new design styles.

Wilshire Graphic Press • www.wgpress.comwww.wgpress.etsy.com

Logo Embosser

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Custom Embosser

An embosser is a unique and beautiful way to give your paper goods a personalized touch.  An embossing instantly turns your item from blah to WOW.  Embossers are used on everything from personal correspondence to wedding favors to business collateral.  Our embossers have even been used in hotels to emboss the toilet paper!

Below are photos of two recent custom designs embossed with our embosser -

JATR Embossed Logo
Wanderable Embossed Logo
Visit WGPress to check out our fully customizable and personalized embossers.